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SONG OF SUGAR SANDS ~ Review & GiveAway!

Song of Sugar Sands is a book that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! Acadia Powers knows herself to be too selfish, too sinful, and too skeptical in her faith to marry a preacher. And yet she does. God truly does work in a mysterious way. Acadia nearly lost her faith at an early age due to what she saw as the hypocrisy of her parents’ generation. ... Read More about SONG OF SUGAR SANDS ~ Review & GiveAway!

SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS: Samuel’s Legacy ~ Feature & Review!

A mysterious snow globe shop. A multiverse at war. And a girl searching for her father.   After breaking the globe tethered to Earth, she discovers a cryptic note scribbled on the back of a photograph. The note links her father, who left before her third birthday, to a place called Elohi. Could this be a chance to find her father at last? Unable to return home, Sarah follows the lead into ... Read More about SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS: Samuel’s Legacy ~ Feature & Review!

RUBY MOON ~ Review & GiveAway

Ruby Moon embodies a tale of grief, guilt, and redemption… On the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario during the mid 1890’s, Jenay, a young woman of mixed French and Ojibwe descent, must survive the trauma of causing a horrific accident. Amidst this drama, Jenay is caught in a web spun by Renault, a rich, charming man who once threatened ruination of her father’s shipping company but now ... Read More about RUBY MOON ~ Review & GiveAway


Broadview is attired for Christmas. Oklahoma heiress, Adelaide Fitzgerald, is hosting two young girls who have chosen to celebrate Christmas with Auntie Addie rather than their family in Colorado. Adelaide must give these girls a Christmas like no other. Has she thought of everything? What would top off this holiday in an extraordinary way? The answer lies just the other side of Rock Creek. ... Read More about A CHRISTMAS TALE FOR LITTLE WOMEN ~ Review & GiveAway!

CERTAIN THREAT ~ Review & GiveAway!

Is there an indication of a certain threat. . .Katrina White’s garage explodes and she fears someone is out to get her. Not long after Katrina overhears two people talking about robbing the bank where she works, her attached garage explodes. With the help of her neighbor, Frank Davis, she escapes the burning home after a storage shelf falls over, trapping her beneath it. The co-owner of ... Read More about CERTAIN THREAT ~ Review & GiveAway!

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