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SOON THE DAWN ~ Review & GiveAway!

Ella thought becoming a mother to five daughters a month after marriage would be difficult. Sixteen years later, letting go is even harder. What should be a joyous time of Amaryllis spreading her wings as she graduates from the College of Industrial Arts… isn’t. Ella fears that Amaryllis will lose a grip on her faith, her upbringing, and the goals Ella believes she should have. Will Ella’s ... Read More about SOON THE DAWN ~ Review & GiveAway!

DELIA AND THE DRIFTER ~ Review & GiveAway!

An arranged marriage to save the family from ruin? Delia Blackstone knows what her mother is up to—she intends to marry her off to an older man who is all fortune and no future. And Delia’s having none of it. When a mysterious visitor appears on the family doorstep and offers an opportunity for Delia to travel from Pennsylvania to Colorado, Delia knows it is time for her to strike out on her ... Read More about DELIA AND THE DRIFTER ~ Review & GiveAway!

BOOKERS ON THE ROCKS ~ Review & GiveAway!

Are the Bookers on the rocks - maritally? If it ain’t broke, why’s she so intent on fixing it? Tessa Booker hates romance. For twenty-five years, Tessa Booker has insisted that romance is something Hollywood cooked up to sell books and movies. Yes, she knows the word existed before movies. She doesn’t care. That’s her story, and she’s sticking to it. So when Ross gets a gentle nudge from ... Read More about BOOKERS ON THE ROCKS ~ Review & GiveAway!


Haunted by her sister’s mysterious disappearance, Lucy Wilson arrives in Rowan County, Kentucky, in the spring of 1911 to work for Cora Wilson Stewart, superintendent of education. When Cora sends Lucy into the hills to act as scribe for the mountain people, she is repelled by the primitive conditions and intellectual poverty she encounters. Few adults can read and write. Born in those hills, ... Read More about THE MOONLIGHT SCHOOL ~ Review & GiveAway!

THE LEAST OF THESE ~ Review & GiveAway!

Searching for the least of these, journalist Scott Harrington sets out to write a documentary on the lives of three homeless men. He hopes to win a prestigious award and his father’s respect. In the process, he uncovers stories of heartbreak, trauma, and rejection, causing him to revisit his own tragic past and the guilty secret that he holds. Claire Bassett has been searching for her husband ... Read More about THE LEAST OF THESE ~ Review & GiveAway!

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