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SMOKE SCREEN ~ Review & Preview!

  Smoke Screen. . .quite a double entendre. One father was murdered, and another convicted of his death. All because their children fell in love. Nate Beckett has spent his life fighting wildfires instead of the lies and rumors that drove him from his Colorado home town. His mother begs him to come to Carlisle now that his father has been released from prison, but it isn’t until ... Read More about SMOKE SCREEN ~ Review & Preview!


The Freedom Challenge is a way for you to finally be free from toxic mindsets, destructive patterns of behavior, and lies that keep you bound. The truth behind seven little words changed Dawn Scott Damon’s life when she heard a man from a small country church sing “I am who He says I am!” Her life was transformed as she began to believe what God’s Word says about who she is in Christ, and she ... Read More about THE FREEDOM CHALLENGE ~ Review & GiveAway!


She moved to a new town to marry her fiancé. Instead, she’s burying him. Ashley Johnson moved to northern Michigan to finally meet her fiancé face-to-face, but she arrived in time to attend his funeral. With no home back in Ohio, she decides to stay in what would have been their house, except his cousin Russ lives there too, and Russ has never heard of Ashley. To complicate matters, her fiancé ... Read More about PRACTICALLY MARRIED ~ Review & GiveAway

WHAT’S NEXT ~ Review & GiveAway!

When your future is filled with more questions than answers and you’re asking for clear-cut direction from the Almighty, THERE IS HOPE! Whether you’re looking for your first job, the next step in your education, or a new career path, GOD’S WILL CAN BE FOUND. What’s Next points you to Scripture where you’ll find assurance. No, you have not somehow missed the divine call on your life. ... Read More about WHAT’S NEXT ~ Review & GiveAway!

THE GLITTERING WEB ~ Review & GiveAway!

What if everything you thought was true and good — wasn’t? Stripping away years of deception doesn’t come easily—especially to Loren and Eve Montcrest. They believe they’re following the true path as initiates in Seattle’s Arcane Institute, their society’s elite training academy for the New World Order in 2050. Pursuing spiritual power despite enormous dangers, they are caught up in a fiery, ... Read More about THE GLITTERING WEB ~ Review & GiveAway!

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