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It’s 1917, and Halifax is at war. Silas Quinn, street sweeper and army reject, remains on the home front, shunning God and society as religiously as they shun him. But the night he stumbles across a half-frozen prostitute, his eyes blink open, and his greater purpose is born: preserve and protect. There’d been a day when shop girl Helen Fraser was desperate enough to believe a few nights in a ... Read More about BEAUTIFUL IN HIS SIGHT ~ Review & GiveAway!

HAGAR – Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me ~ Review & GiveAway!

You are ”The God Who Sees Me.” Discover a close relationship with God–no matter the pain or suffering in your life. Witness the depths of God’s compassion through the eyes of Hagar, a runaway slave who meets the living God in a desert of despair, where she gives Him the name El Roi, ”The God Who Sees Me.” Through this seven week study, you will find that when you surrender your life into ... Read More about HAGAR – Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me ~ Review & GiveAway!

SEEING ANGELS ~ Review & GiveAway!

A recent study found that 57 percent of Catholics, 66 percent of Evangelical Protestants, and 10 percent of Jews have reported having a personal experience with a guardian angel. And 20 percent of those who identified themselves as having no religion also claimed having encountered an angel. Seeing Angels is one of the most in depth examinations of angelic ministry by one of the cutting-edge ... Read More about SEEING ANGELS ~ Review & GiveAway!

ROSE’S REDEMPTION ~ Review & GiveAway!

Could this be Rose’s Redemption? A former Dance Hall Girl. . .a handsome young doctor. Will Rose be able to truly overcome her past? Rose Rhodes changed not only her name after the tornado; she changed her outward appearance. No more was she Rosalie O’Roarke, former dance hall girl. She loves her new work as a nurse-in-training to handsome Doctor Scott Allison. As Scott and Rose’s relationship ... Read More about ROSE’S REDEMPTION ~ Review & GiveAway!

SURF SMUGGLERS ~ Review & GiveAway!

Surf Smugglers is set in the summer of 1917 when US troops join the allied forces in the Great War. Back in Sunset Cove, Oregon, other battles wage. Anna McDowell continues to fight old fashioned stereotypes as she runs a newspaper committed to truth. Despite opposition, she’s determined to expose ongoing rum-running and prohibition lawlessness. Adding to Anna’s frustrations, her good friend ... Read More about SURF SMUGGLERS ~ Review & GiveAway!

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