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YOUR HOME IN HEAVEN ~ Review & GiveAway!

Children will delight in God’s promise of heaven as Jesus builds their imaginary home there, In this colorful book that reminds children of his great love, Your Home in Heaven… Teaches about God’s promise of heaven. Comforts through the truth of eternal life in heaven with Jesus. Encourages godly living as children learn the fruit of the Spirit. Draws children closer to God ... Read More about YOUR HOME IN HEAVEN ~ Review & GiveAway!

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT ~ Review & GiveAway!

Is it possible for pilots to find Love at First Flight? Can two people emerge from the clouds of past hurt to find a silver lining of love? Evelyn Reid would rather fly than do anything else, so when war engulfs the U.S., she joins the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. One of the program’s top pilots, she is tapped for pursuit plane training…the dream of a lifetime until she discovers the ... Read More about LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT ~ Review & GiveAway!

THE PERFECTIONIST ~ Review & GiveAway!

The Perfectionist features an excellent overview of the Enneagram, an ancient personality typology using nine points within a circle to represent nine distinct personality types. This sixty-day devotional is for the Perfectionist, number 1 of the Enneagram personality types. This book will help the Perfectionist, and those who love them, better understand how God created them and how best to use ... Read More about THE PERFECTIONIST ~ Review & GiveAway!


Born in the final days of Nazi Germany, an underground organization is alive, growing, and manipulating events in our world today … The survivor of a secret German experiment in 1943, Roger Greene possesses a unique physiology. To this day, his body remains youthful and heals quickly. In exchange for information about the mysterious Heritage Organization that Roger once escaped, the CIA has ... Read More about METHUSELAH PROJECT S.O.S. ~ Review & GIveAway!

SOON THE DAWN ~ Review & GiveAway!

Ella thought becoming a mother to five daughters a month after marriage would be difficult. Sixteen years later, letting go is even harder. What should be a joyous time of Amaryllis spreading her wings as she graduates from the College of Industrial Arts… isn’t. Ella fears that Amaryllis will lose a grip on her faith, her upbringing, and the goals Ella believes she should have. Will Ella’s ... Read More about SOON THE DAWN ~ Review & GiveAway!

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