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KING HERE ~ Review & GiveAway!

Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally held the missing piece―Jesus. But for years, his life seemed as far away from grace, and a believing faith in God, as a person can be. A multimillionaire entrepreneur who believed his ... Read More about KING HERE ~ Review & GiveAway!

BABEL ~ Review & GiveAway!

A sweeping, epic retelling of the story of the Tower of Babel. . . More than a century after the worldwide flood, Noah, now the forefather of the living world, works peacefully in his vineyard until tragedy tears apart his relationship with his son, Ham. Years later, dark prophetic dreams inextricably link him with a young man carrying scars from a painful past, and a young woman who longs ... Read More about BABEL ~ Review & GiveAway!

FIRE WOMEN ~ Review & GiveAway!

Combining biblical instruction and discipleship, Fire Women is a testimony to the powerful benefits of submitting even the most intense desires to the authority of Jesus Christ. It’s an intimate view of a woman with almost-untamable passion and the God who delivered her to live the passionate life she truly desired. Having been married twice, Joanna candidly reveals a stark contrast between her ... Read More about FIRE WOMEN ~ Review & GiveAway!


December covers quaint Heart’s Bend, Tennessee with a blanket of white and the glitter of Christmas lights. For JoJo Castle there’s no place like home. It’s her safe place. Her one-time love of adventure ended when life in the big city shattered her hopes and dreams. Now that she’s returned to Hearts Bend, she never wants to leave again. Buck Mathews, the biggest country singing sensation in ... Read More about THE WEDDING DRESS CHRISTMAS ~ Review & GiveAway!

FOCUSED BACKSTORY ~ Review & GiveAway!

Learn how to write characters readers will love by creatively utilizing focused backstory. Has an industry professional told you not to dump character history at the beginning of your story? If so, you aren’t alone. But what’s the solution to this common advice? Most writers take the time to design interesting characters with troubled pasts. They long for readers to care about the characters’ ... Read More about FOCUSED BACKSTORY ~ Review & GiveAway!

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